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Spheres and squares are good.
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United States
That weird tank that makes Mine-imator boobs.

Request Info:…

My YouTube, AKA Place I upload longer animations:…

Tutorials for any aspiring Mine-Imator expansion creators:…

Minecraft Expansion, Inflation, and Tanks galore.
Well, as of tomorrow it will be 4 months since my last post. New record...

For the unobservant, I'm not dead. I never really left actually, I just have grown tired of posting and can't seem to get started on any MI images (Blame my short attention span). I know what most of you are thinking, "When will you go back to making images Tittank" or "Will you ever make images again?". The answer to the second one is still a definite maybe. Though the chance of me suddenly getting a burst of willpower to make MI images after the past 4 months lacking it, is unlikely. 

What I really made this journal for was the fact that the EOL of Tittank and associated accounts is coming. Yes, I have a general idea of when the End-Of-Life of my Tittank side is coming. Due to inevitable massive lifestyle changes and routine changes, as of summer/fall 2017, I will simply no longer have the time to manage or update, much less post content, on my Tittank accounts. Yes, it's happening. The end of Tittank. 

So what now?
I'm going to behave normally for now. I don't have to immediately change anything yet. Though expect later on for me to be around less, much less. Eventually, I'll mark the last time I will regularly check DA. After that, this place will be abandoned for significant periods of time, possibly forever. Though maybe I might find some time to visit after, I can't guarantee it though. In the far, far off future I may return. Maybe.

Also, this is all subject to change. Maybe I won't have to stop, maybe I will. 

I was active for slightly over a year, started a small group of fellow MI creators, and met some interesting people. I have had a good run so far. But it's not over. Not yet. Maybe my realization of inevitable collapse will give me the energy to make more MI. Let us just see what the future has in store for me.


Friendly reminder that your internet service provider (ISP) tracks your browsing history, and CAN legally sell it to anyone without your consent after legislative changes last month.

And yes, they know you look at Minecraft inflation fetish images. And now anyone else can know for however much ISPs charge for browsing histories. 

Invest in a VPN.


10/24/16: Cleaned things up a bit and added the buffer system. Added standardized statuses.

I am currently open for requests:
You may submit a request via comment on this page, or by note. The requester has the right to remain anonymous, otherwise the requester will be mentioned in the description of the image.

If you wish to have a certain character to be modeled, you MUST have a skin pre-made. You can make one on a skin editing website such as Remember the skin should have a single skin tone and single color shirt/pants.


My requests have several statuses. You see this next in the Journal title.


Means that I am accepting requests.

[Overflow Closed]

Means I am not accepting requests due to hitting the limit of 4 pending requests. Will probably open again soon.


Closed for an extended period of time. Check back sometime in the future.

General Rules

There are certain restrictions to what can and can not be requested. Here is a list of what CAN'T be requested. Certain items will be marked with (M), which means that they could be approved but its unlikely.
1: Nudity
2: Sex
3: Excessive Violence (Cartoonish violence is possible)
4: Gore
5: Characters you don't own
6: Certain fetishes (M) (This is due to the "exotic" nature of some, ask me for approval.) (Generally if it involves harming or killing characters it will be declined.) 
7: Not Mine-imator
8: Backgrounds in general (M) (Unless you can provide one)
9: External character interactions with my characters which contradicts my characters personalities/positions (M) (If you want one of my characters to interact with another in a way they would not (ie: Avana abandoning Mikhail for someone else) I will generally decline it.)
10: Multi-page comics
11: Comics ranging past 4 panels (M) (I can make exemptions depending on what the comic is, or how complex it is)
12: GIFs/Animations

I can and WILL decline requests that violate these rules, however I can work with you to modify the request to the point where I can work with it.

Requests can take an indefinite amount of time ranging from a day to several months to complete depending on the amount I am getting/my work ethic at the time.

Requests can be made with a single comment, and its a good idea to tell me the whole request at the start so I can approve it or help you modify it to meet my standards. It is also recommended to have a skin ready before you make the request, to speed up the whole process.

Be descriptive when making a request. Information is essential to the final product.

An example of a good request would be: "Hello, I would like to request X doing Y with Z. Here is the skin(s) that I want to use: [Insert X skin PNG] [Insert Z skin PNG]."

A bad example would be: "Hey can you make X do Y." Or "Do X." Or even "Make a boobie."

Since I do a lot of things involving boobs and I expect lots of boob/sphere related requests, I would like all sphere sizes in Mine-Imator scale terms, i.e numbers Mine-Imator uses to show scale. This image will give you a rough idea on sizes and how the Mine-Imator scale number will relate. It also shows how difficult it will be to make a pose.
Boob Sizes and Posing Difficulties. by tittank

Request Buffer System/Queue 

I will allow up to 4 requests to be pending (Requested but not yet complete) at a time before I close requests to prevent any more requests from being made. If there is 1-3 requests I will do things normally, and I will try to get them done soon. However if a 4th request is made, I will close to new requests until all pending requests are complete. Below is the number of currently pending requests. If you see 0-1 requests, go ahead and request like you normally would. If there is 2+ pending requests, if you have requested before consider leaving the spot for someone else. If there is 3 pending requests try holding off until current ones are done. If there is 4 pending requests, you cannot request.


Keep this in mind when requesting.

Go crazy people.

Did you actually read that? Because if not, do read it. Save us all the time of me having to explain things already stated here. It's getting really, really annoying.

Fun fact: the folder holding all the raw images and final drafts and animation images takes up a total of 5.57 GB of data. There are 225 folders and aprox. 3818 files.

Dats a lotta beps.
Request: freestew (3)
Requested by :iconfreestew: in the time before time a long time ago before time, their character with cube beps!

Also known as why I don't make cubes normally!

Request Info:…

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TheHumanBalloon Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hey, just wondering, would you ever do some male inflation?
tittank Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Highly unlikely, as I specialize in BE and similar things.
TheHumanBalloon Featured By Owner 22 hours ago
what if it was a request?
tittank Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
I'd rather not. Maleinf is not really my thing.
Dart009 Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey thanks for the fave!
LoneWolf071 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice to see that someone in mine imator also doing military stuff! and thanks for the fave! :D
freestew Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
So your tanks are alive. What would happen if they mated with a human?
tittank Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
That would be virtually, physically, and biologically impossible as Tanks lack any form of reproductive system or any means of interaction of the suggested means. 

Also, sharp edges.
freestew Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
so this:…
Is not the output?
tittank Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017
Uhhh... no?
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